Contribution and Dissemination

This workshop will publish, if speakers agree, all presented slides on the workshop’s website. The outcome of the discussion session of the workshop will be summarised in a document and published on the workshop’s website. 

Moreover, we call for contributed papers that will be considered along with others to be published as a book about the frontiers of flapping-wing aerial robot research.

In addition we plan to record the speakers’ talks and publish them on the this website.

Call for Papers/Posters

We invite all the participants to submit a short paper (max 4 pages) related to the topic of the workshop. The manuscripts should use the IEEE ICRA two-column format. Papers will be selected based on their originality, contribution, technical clarity, and presentation. The papers will have an important role during the workshop during the lightening sessions, where the paper will be presented by the authors, which are understood to participate to the workshop in case of acceptance. Authors of the accepted papers will be invited to submit a (possibly extended) paper in order to collect all the selected material in a special issue or a book representing the frontiers of flapping-wing aerial robot research.

We also invite to submit posters, which will have a relevant role during the workshop during the dedicated sessions. The posters can be representative of a submitted paper, in which case we ask to set the same title for the two, or be an independent submission. Hands-on demo are also encouraged.

All submissions have to be done via e-mail to either <> or <>.

Important dates

30 April: Deadline for paper and poster submission

7 May: Acceptance notification