For the project new research personnel will be employed at the host institution, the University of Twente. All positions will be at the  Robotics And Mechatronics (RAM) group  at the faculty EEMCS. The group is composed of more than 50 people including professors, postdocs, (post)graduate students, technicians, secretarial support and approximately 60 active B.Sc. and M.Sc. students and it is scientifically led by the Prof. Stefano Stramigioli, PI of PortWings.

The RAM group has scientific and engineering expertise in Modelling, Control, Design, Vision, Imaging and Embedded Systems. It has excellent modern facilities, such as: a 300 m2 lab including a new rapid prototyping lab with multiple 3D printers, laser cutter, PCBs production facilities, a small chemical station, multiple manipulators, 3D tracking systems etc. and a lot of robotic hardware and software tools to create advanced robotics (sub)systems. Furthermore the University has a number of shared facilities including a very modern and fully equipped operation room, 3D ultrasound devices, a small MRI, navigation instruments and more.

Available Positions